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There are several dozens of shortcodes plugins. Some are good, some not so good, and yet, in most cases it seems that they all pretty much do the same things, so choosing the right shortcodes plugin for you is not that important. They all have shortcodes for columns, buttons, tabs, accordions, etc… This notion of all such plugins are the same, changed for me when I discovered the “WP Canvas – Shortcodes” plugin.   It’s free, and besides the usual things, it has additional unique shortcodes, which at least for me, it makes it light years ahead of the competition.

Some of the shortcodes not found  in a typical shortcodes plugin are Progress Bars, Pricing Tables, a Countdown Timer, Code Snippets, Masonry Posts, and my favorite – a shortcode named “Full Width”.

The Full Width shortcode allows us to have any content displayed in the full width of the screen. Our themes have the Section shortcode, when configured correctly it can display a background image in full width. But, if we ever wanted to place actual content in full width, our choices would have been to manually code it with html and CSS, or use a page builder that has those capabilities, like SiteOrigin, and my absolute favorite, Visual Composer. In the coming days, I will be comparing and discussing my favorite page builders. If your page builder of choice is the Divi Builder, or the Beaver builder, just to mention some of the popular ones, then sorry, you are out of luck.

Before proceeding let me explain  what I mean by “content”. Content in this case is anything but a background image, or background color. These include, Google maps, text, images, videos, etc…

Setting up the Full Width shortcode is very simple. All you have to remember is the correct Artisteer selector to use it with, which is #art-main. In the following video, I am using the Full Width shortcode to show a google map, and then I’m using one of my shortcodes to move up the map and attach it to the header. I will have detailed explanations for all the shortcodes and additional functions that I have developed, once we get the next update by Trevor. Until then, this is one small preview…

If you want to read the WP Canvas’s documentations with examples, please click here.

And here is the short video.



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