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    I’ve updated to WordPress 4.9 and have found no problems.



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    Thanks for the reporting Luke. I’ve been closely monitoring all the core changes, and so farso good. Let’s hope this is going to be the case with WP 5.0 as the direction of WP will be dramatically changed.

    The best feature that WP 4.9 offers is the ability for he customizer changes to be published right away as usual, or be saved as a draft or scheduled to be automatically published in a future date. With the draft and scheduling option a preview link is available, so if you are working for a client, you can send him the link of your proposed customizer options, like a new skin, etc…, and when approved, you can publish the changes. Now, there is a limitation with this feature. You can save only one draft and have only one scheduled change. That said with a simple code, we can activate what they call branching, which in turn we will be allowed to have many drafts and many schedules. What interesting doors does this open? We can now show unlimited number of proposed changes at the same time to our customers to choose from, and more importantly, without any additional coding or the use of plugins, we would now have the ability to show on the front end all available styles (skins) that our theme sports.

    Development is still ongoing for the QT plugin, and after concentrating on dozens of visual controls in the customizer, now all my attention is turned into Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and Custom Fields. For many reasons I have decided not to include all these things into the fold of the themes, but create a separate WordPress plugin.

    If you or anyone else is interested to know more about the Customizer branching, the new CPT Toolbox, or the advances in the Artisteer QT plugin advancements, please let me know, and I’ll see what I can do.

    Once again,
    Thanks Luke.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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