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    WP Tuxedo 0.3 Beta Has Been Released

    How to Download

    Purchase here, or if you’ve already purchased log in using the form in the upper right and visit your Purchase History, follow the View Details and Downloads link and you’ll find a link to the download for 0.3 right below previous versions.

    There doesn’t seem to be a great way to version control plugins with Artisteer, so for now I’ll be releasing each version as it’s own self contained plugin. This means you can have any version installed alongside each other. To uninstall visit the Marketplace in the upper right corner of the Artisteer program. Select ‘Installed’ from the left menu and then select the plugin you’d like to remove. Then select ‘remove’ on the bottom.

    What’s New

    Export issues users have been experiencing should go away with this release when used with 4.2RC, at least for the time being.

    Menu Fallback Home Link

    The menu fallback, which simply displays all pages if no custom menu is selected now has an option to display a home item as the first item in the menu. The title/text is user settable, with the settings located in the theme customizer (Appearance->Customize) under the Navigation heading.


    Added in all the basic sidebars that standard Artisteer themes have. Settings for standard appearance of sidebar widgets and sidebar active switches are available under Widget Areas in the theme customizer.

    Header Position Controls as Sidebars

    Added support for positional controls in the header, these are translated into sidebar/widget area in the exported theme and settings are added in the theme customizer.

    Conditional Widget Controls

    Added support for conditional widget display, users can control where widgets show up om their site. Appearance settings similar to those in the standard Artisteer themes are also available. These settings are available in each widget’s settings under Theme Display Options.

    Planned for 0.4

    The settings code needs to be reworked, it’s completely out of control at this point. Reworking it will make it neater/easier to read and allow for users to add in their own settings with ease. Custom header and background color/image settings. Featured image support and auto excerpt creation.


    Let me know what else you’d like to see added in, and any help with letting me know about bugs.

    Thanks for all the help to make WP Tuxedo great!

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