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    Shaul Hadar
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    Hi, I saw that Nick wrote something about selling his themes. I saw that the themes pass theme check validation, but If i am not mistaken, theme shops don’t let you sell artisteer generated ones… amy I right? I will be happy to know if there is any way to export and in the end sell those themes.


    Trevor Anderson
    WP Colonel
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    You’re correct, most theme shops and the theme directory at will not take themes generated by an automated tool such as Artisteer. There are many reasons for this, a couple are they don’t want to be inundated with a ton of similar themes, and themes created from an automated tool will most likely have poor support from its author. That may or may not be the case depending on the author, but it makes sense as an author that hand coded their theme has already proven that they know what they’re doing.

    Regardless you can setup your own site to sell your themes from, which is what I will be doing. Nick is simply referring to the deliverable theme not being up to par. So whether he wants to sell them in his own shop or to a client, either way he wouldn’t be very proud to hand over a WP Tuxedo 0.1 theme. I don’t blame him, that will hopefully change with 0.2 onward.


    WP Colonel
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    Trevor is correct Shaul. For example, in order to sell your themes at Theme Forest, you will have to pass through 2 processes. The first one is automated, it’s getting a passing grade with the Theme check plugin, and in this example, there is also a Theme Forest check as well (also found in the WP plugin depository for free). If your theme passes through the automated system, then it must be approved by a human, who will make a final determination if your theme is worthy for their marketplace. They will be looking if it was manually made, it’s features and functions, and how good it looks. The Artisteer and even the Templateer themes would never even pass the first test the theme check. The themes made with WP Tuxedo would pass the theme check, but, unless the inspector is useless, should not pass the second. So eventually the WP Tuxedo made themes would be rejected.

    So, why is passing the Theme check so important? Passing the theme check means the code is clean and up to the wordpress codex standards. In the past I had many plugins that did not work with Artisteer or Templateer themes, but worked with Twenty Twelve, so you know it’s Artisteer’s fault. I’m finding out that those plugins do work with WP Tuxedo themes, and that’s why it is so important.

    And yes, I will be selling my themes from my own web site. In fact my initial plans were to start that on Sept. 1, but then WP Tuxedo and Templateer were announced, so I postponed the launch for a few weeks until the dust settles, and I make final production decisions. My themes will not be straight WP Tuxedo themes though. Any one can do that. WP Tuxedo will be the first step in producing the themes. I will be adding some of my own code to the themes, to make them even better and different, adding my own personal touch, ie: Woocommerce compatible, automatic shadows to all images, and removing the shadows if needed, optional rounded corners for images, plugin installer, security measures, multiple theme color schemes, and different fonts, just to mention a few.

    Finally, the ability to turn off the responsive design with WP Tuxedo, is a nice touch. I won’t be doing that for my sites, but that is a good feature that is not available in any other Premium Theme that I have seen. Being different and better will make you sell your templates, selling premium themes is a lucrative business, but very competitive.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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