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    On Monday night QT v1.23 was emailed out. Since then, I have received dozens of emails, with feature requests, perceived bugs, and believe it or not Netflix movie recommendations. If you have the QT plugin you know what I’m talking about.

    So my full day of cigars and Netflix, become really 3 hours of time wasting and trying to get lung cancer!

    Some observations:

    – The page builder is holding on pretty nicely.
    – I wish I could say same about the QT-CSS plugin. This one does not like woocommerce’s product pages, but only in the backsite, not on the front end. For now, use it only in test sites, and for testing, and if you are brave enough on a live site that woocommerce is not installed, and may be any other plugin that heavily uses custom post types. At the very least, you can steal some of the css code it generates, and use it with the built in feature.

    On my end, 17 client web sites are now using the new code, with no issues. All issues are perceived, meaning they are operator errors, and not coding issues. By next week, the number of sites will be over 40, so for sure if there are any undiscovered issues, will show up by then.

    I know that I need to produce some videos to explain some of the things that are not so obvious, so you can fully take advantage of everything.

    So, why don’t I make the videos yet? Because they are boring to make, boring to watch, and extremely time consuming. I will do so by the weekend, or in the early part of next week.

    The real purpose of this post is to inform you that I already started with the next version. These are what I will be adding, and other things probably will be added too:

    – Opening the RSS links from the WordPress RSS widget in a new tab. I can’t believe this is not an option.

    – Optimizing the code and some other background coding stuff that will not be visible to users.

    – Changing some of the theme default values. For example, the existing Login Widget has no default Title value and the Avatar size will be changed from 70px to 200px. The new default value will now be “Login” instead of the current value, which is blank. If you have any better ideas for this, or any other default value changes, this is your chance. Go through the customizer with a new theme and make some decisions. I will be making some of my own, and I will post my proposed changes in this thread, so nothing will come as a surprise.

    – THIS ONE IS THE NEXT HUGE FEATURE: Sticky Menus !!! I’m breaking down the mystickymenu plugin, getting rid of some of the things, to make it more efficient for out themes. Those who prefer other methods, manual coding or some other plugin, like using the premium version of Max Mega Menu, which contains sticky menus with one click, this feature can be turned off from the customizer, so you can use anything else, or simply not have a sticky menu. By the way, you will have the choice the make a menu sticky, or the header or anything else to that matter. The code of course will be changed to be more Artisteer friendly. I have not ready to test this yet, but I think it should work out of the box, even with custom css prefixes. So in most cases, if you change the prefix from art- to anything else, it should work fine without any modifications. I’m not done with this, I have put only abut 5 hours so far, but I can say with some confidence that it can, and will be done.

    – I will get rid of the shadow on the text in the stitching shortcode, as some complained that the shadow does not look good in some color combinations. Before, this was not a problem, as the shortcode had no parameters, but now, it’s not that simple…

    – I have to review all shortcodes and make sure that https will be supported. Let me explain, in some case where a shortcode’s parameter requires a link, to make things easier I made it so that you don’t have to type the http:// part, but just the actual link instead. The shortcode itself puts in the http:// part for you. Doing so, the shortcodes won’t work on https:// web sites. All links in shortcodes will now be required to have the entire url, which could be used on both http and https sites. THIS IS A HUGE PROPOSAL, AS IT WILL BREAK THE SHORTCODES WITH SUCH LINKS. I WILL POST HERE AGAIN WHICH SHORTCODES WILL BE AFFECTED, AND TRY TO DO THIS WITHOUT BREAKING THEM. Any suggestions or solutions to this are welcome.

    All the shortcodes I create, get born in the editor. There are some simple html + css layouts. The features, Call to action, stitching shortcode, etc… were all made that way. I then get the html+css code, and make the shortcode for that layout adding some parameters for customization. If you have any ideas, any layout to make shortcodes out of them, this is your chance. The sooner you give me your code, the better chance it will have to make it into the plugin.

    Put on your thinking hats, get your asses to work, and speak up. I want to release this crap within a week or so. So don’t get too comfortable with V1.23, V1.3 will arrive much sooner than you think!!! … at least that’s the plan.

    BTW, to change the subject, if you use the trends shortcode, look up for Artisteer, Themler, and Template Toaster. Even though Artisteer is 90% down from it’s glory days of 2010, it is still 3-4 times more popular than themler, which never really took off, even though unlike Artisteer, it is being heavily developed. Template Toaster is barely a dot on the chart, that’s just pathetic. Apparently themler is making a SDK kit for it, my guess is to support third party plugin. I for one, dislike themler almost with a passion, so I’ll be sticking to Artisteer ’till the end of time! Themler is slow, you have to always have a paid subscription, among other things. With our Artisteer plugins, we can still use an expired Artisteer license, and we don’t even need to be online to export the themes. Besides, Artisteer is 100 times easier and better to use. Some will disagree, so just take it easy!


    WP Major
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    Thanks Nick….
    Keep rocing Nick, i always enjoy your work…….

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