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    WP Colonel
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    I just emailed Marco and su with the beta version of V1.2. I will give them until Saturday to find any issues. I already had released a preview video regarding the Page Builder. If you missed it, it’s in this topic.

    Besides the page builder, I’m also releasing the alternate CSS plugin, for each page/post. The main difference here is that multiple pre-coded css rules can be selected, as checkboxes are being used, as opposed the the built in system, where a drop-down select is used, hence you can use one css file at a time.

    Instead of releasing tons of info and hours of videos at a time, this time around, I will be releasing all the info, demos and tutorials on a daily basis, until v1.2 is released.

    Those who are on my list will automatically get the new version though email on Saturday, provided su and Marco give me the green light.

    Trevor commented about building something unique, which is my goal. But the Artisteer plugin is only a small part of the whole picture… it will be themes, image files, music files, and all sort of services, hopefully with participants and partners from all corners of the world. The Artisteer plugin is a small part of it, not the entire plan. But it all starts from the plugin. Having a good Artisteer plugin to start with will dictate how all the other parts will come together, from products and services, to attracting clients and talent to partner up with. Ultimately, I want to create a very unique network – it’s a slow and painful process, but things will accelerate when the army of one, will start getting bigger and bigger. At least that’s the dream.

    More tomorrow…


    WP Major
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    Thanks Nick,
    I been playing around with the latest version

    The following are a few notes:

    1) Page builder is very promising, easy to use.
    Request: Is it possible page builder used the built-in to the theme? no longer need to install the plugin via TGM.

    A) There are duplicate features columns, making it easier if you want to use elements of the same.
    B) It takes a lot more shortcode that theme page builder and rich with ekemen, may be added to the shortcode button with a style more.

    I still use one plugin, which is Ultimate shortcodes to add various elements.

    2) Shortcode highlight
    Is it possible added padding, so the text is not too close to backgorund highlights.

    3) Shortcode Imag
    Very Cool

    4) Heading Shortcode
    need more variety

    I think QT plugin continues to evolve into something more impressive, I can not help much. I hope someone can help Nick in developing QT plugin. So the theme can be theme independent feature (page builder, alot shortocee with style and other element) without needing a lot of third-party plugins.

    So only need to install plug-ins from third parties as necessary, such as security and so on.

    Thanks Nick, good Job….very promising….

    Nick, I think everything is no longer a dream. But something that began to manifest into something fabulous, keep rocking Nick…


    WP Colonel
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    Thanks su,

    For your Advises:
    A) I will look into that, in the meantime copying elements will have to be done the old fashioned way (copy/paste the text).
    B) You know I like you right(?), but I have no idea what you are talking about here… can you give me an example, or phrase it differently please?

    – I will look for the highlight padding, it’s not worth adding parameters for the paddings, so we will have to settle for a set value (if that is even possible – it should be!).

    – Heading Shortcode: What type of variety are you looking for? What else do you want? You can independently customize the font awesome and heading colors and sizes, and the distances between them, not the mention the top and bottom margins for the heading. Is there a real need to further complicate things?

    Thanks for your hard work in testing and your suggestions, not to mention your kind words.


    WP Major
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    Sorry Nick for my bad english……

    In my mind a premium theme should have

    1) Internal Page Builder, QT Plugin already have
    2) Internal Shortcode (with rich elements, ex: tabs, spoiler, buttons with different style, heading, image and so forth)

    QT Plugin have own shortcode, only needs to be added (some element, tabs, spoiler, divider) just to be more varied. I always use the Ultimate shortcode, I think if the element-element in the ultimate shortcode can be adopted. So we no longer need the shortcode plugin from a third party.

    You develop a very good nick, I thank you because soon my expectation could be realized making premium theme with Artisteer who own (internal) page builder and shortcode.

    Your plugin It would be a premium theme that is easy to use and quickly accessible, sorry I can not help on the programming side …. but I always believe your ideas and your sincerity in realizing it, Keep rocking Nick.

    forgive me for the bad english…….


    WP Colonel
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    Thanks for the reply su:

    We finally disagree on something !!!

    A premium theme does not need to have a page builder. As proof there are a gazillion premium themes without a page builder. Furthermore, a theme with a page builder is usually stuck with that built in page builder. For example, if I wanted to use the Divi theme, and visual composer, because I prefer it over Divi’s page builder, I will have to pay a heavy tax as far as server memory and site speed goes. You simply cannot disable divi’s page builder.

    That said, as I have said before, eventually the page builder, along with the QT-CSS plugin, will be made part of the code, part of the theme. That said, just like the preloader, elapsed time, maintenance mode, secret key, etc… just to mention a few, will be able to be turned off from the customizer, simply to give you the opportunity to install a better page builder, if you wanted to. The only reason why the page builder is a plugin right now, is because it is still under development, and updating it will be much easier, as oppose you updating the QT plugin each time. Now, updating the plugin will involve deleting the plugin and installing the new version through TGM.

    As I explained before, I can’t and I will not compete with well developed page builder. In fact, nobody can compete with Visual Composer. It’s been around for 5000 billion years, and there are hundreds of third party developers making add-ons for it. Talking to some clients who tried using page builders, and some web designers, this is the feedback I got:

    – Visual Composer is the best and the most complete product, but some really hate the interface. On shared hosting, especially when Woocommerce is installed, the site becomes really slow, even with caching.

    – Divi is not as good as VC, but comes the closest, and it is really slow comparatively, and it’s got the highest learning curve – meaning, it is the most difficult page builder to learn.

    – SiteOrigin is the fastest of the bunch here, but it’s limited in terms of functionality, and the modules (elements), are not as quick to setup as the other builders. Compared to VC and Divi, it looks cheap.

    I looked the biggest issues that people had and realized that there is a need for a really fast and easy to use page builder. My selling points here are fast and easy. Something that will provide just rows and columns, and basic page import/export functions. Something that will be an upgrade to the theme’s rows and columns shortcodes. Adding all the things that you want, accordions, tabs, etc… will make it slower and more difficult to use. As of right now, it is adding virtually no extra load times, maybe 0.01 seconds and only in some cases, as oppose to what Divi adds 0.4-0.6 seconds. I don’t want that to change. I don’t like competition. The QT plugin when done will not have a competition. There is no good automated way in creating premium quality themes – I’m getting closer with every release. The same will go to the page builder. It will be the fastest and easiest page builder. If you want something more powerful, and in many cases unnecessary, then use something else. The ability to use the page builder whether it’s in a plugin form or baked in the theme, will always be there. You now have options, you are not stuck with a page builder that you might not want… that said, there are a few things that I want added to it, namely the ability to have true full width (screen width) content.

    Trevor started the Tuxedo (WPTC now) project the right way. He made the WPTC plugin up to the WP standards. He added many unique features that I have not seen anywhere. And being unique is one of the most important things in any business. You eliminate competition – nobody can do what you do. WPTC is a much better alternative to Artisteer’s export script, or merely a better competition to Template Toaster, and now Themler. These are the competitions for the WPTC plugin. I’m trying to take it to a whole new level, with the QT plugin. When done, all these programs will be under a different category and market. Artisteer is for users who know virtually nothing. Press some buttons, and have a lousy coded theme. My client base will be the seasoned web designers, who have an idea how web design works, and want to create premium quality themes. The QT plugin will be the fastest way in doing so – that’s the plan. I could see that the correct foundation is laid out by Trevor, and I could never thank him enough for it, and now all I need is some crazy and ambitious ideas, and thousands of hours of development time to make it something unique, and powerful. As of now, when I’m done, there will be no one competing with me. Last week, Trevor agreed with me in terms of the uniqueness of the QT plugin.

    For a new comer, the WPTC is the perfect platform to begin with. Once he/she learns all aspects of Artisteer and the WPTC plugin, then they can jump to the QT plugin, as the learning curve is greater, with all the new features, TGM plugins, and most importantly the customizations after exporting the theme, to have everything working perfectly, and fully optimized.

    And once again, the QT plugin is just the beginning of the bigger picture. When done properly, it will open a whole new set of other UNIQUE pieces of software and services… I’ll explain at a more appropriate time.

    BTW… your English is good enough – if you want to learn anything… is php and JavaScript, just to write some code for me, as this is taking me forever to complete !!!

    Thanks for beta testing for me again su, please don’t be shy to let me know what you are thinking. I like listening to other people’s ideas, as it will improve the product, and it will make me think things over again, and either change direction, or solidify my initial instincts, like in this case. Furthermore, you will have a better understanding of my goals and what I’m trying to do. Just know this – every feature that I add, any plugin I suggest, there is a well though reasoning behind it. As an example, next week I will explain the real reason why I added the feature to add media files (images,mp3, etc…) from a URL!

    And once again, the TGM plugin list will be drastically changed come Monday.

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