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    WP Colonel
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    Do not thing even for a minute that I ever stopped working behind the scenes. About 4 hours ago, it was officially announced that WP 5.0 is planned to be released on Nov. 19, unless there are delays. In fact, the first beta release is planned on Oct. 19, just 2-3 weeks from now…

    We all know by now that Gutenberg is the big selling point for WP 5.0…

    A few days ago, StudioPress the makers of the Genesis had a blog post regarding Genesis and Gutenberg. In short, they are reassuring everybody that their framework is ALMOST compatible with Gutenberg, and very little CSS adjustments are needed to be fully compatible. If you chase down blog post and if you simply substitute Genesis with WP ThemeCity, or Quicker Themes, then that will be a very accurate report at where we stand today. Furthermore, both the ThemeCity and Quicker Themes plugins have slightly php 7.2 compatibility issues and those need to be addressed as well. Also, some site (NOT ALL) have a customizer issue when a SiteIcon is used in the customizer. The SiteIcon is a feature added by the WP core, and at least for now, it will be removed from the customizer to eliminate the possibility of the issue appearing. In some cases, the customizer is not allowed to get loaded, and you get the “white screen of death”. The site works fine, but the custimizer becomes unresponsive. There is one way to recover from this, more on this later on.

    Yesterday, I started coding custom Blocks for the Gutenberg, and basically I’m merely converting the existing shortcodes to Gutenberg Blocks, and in some cases I’m even improving their functionality. These custom blocks are going to be available only for the Quicker Themes plugin. About 2 dozens of you jumped the ship to Quicker Themes where v2.2 will be released next week. If any of you are interested for more info, please wait and be patient for this weekend, where I will release TO ALL a free theme called Las Vegas built with the latest version of Quicker Themes. The difference between the Las Vegas theme and anything else will be night an day… so this is the timeframe that I’m setting.

    – Release of the free Las Vegas Theme – this weekend
    – Release of the Quicker Themes V2.2 plugin – next week – once you evaluate the Las Vegas Theme and want access to it, I will provide you info how to access it during the release of the Las Vegas Theme.
    – Update and release WP ThemeCity which basically will make the themes build by it 100% Gutenberg compatible, and make it php 7.2 compatible, just a few days before the final version WP 5.0 will be release, so just before Nov. 19.

    If you want to see a demo site built with the Las Vegas Theme to some of the shortcodes in action, and the 4 different styles that comes with it, click here…

    In the meantime, wait for the theme release and a video tutorial over the weekend.

    BTW, even though as a page builder, right now Gutenberg seems underwhelming to be nice, and pure trash to be nasty about it, it will fit right in the narrative of ThemeCity or Quicker Themes. Using page builders like Divi (the plugin), Visual Composer, Elementor etc…, on shared hosting is barely acceptable, adding Woocommerce or Advanced Custom Fields makes it almost impossible to get descent speeds. So, when the page building features will be added to Gutenberg, and with adequate Blocks to create content, Gutenberg has a potential to be perfect for us. In the meantime, you can always disable Gutenberg with a simple filter, or a plugin. There is also a WP fork in works called Classic Press, so for now, until you understand the advantages of Gutenberg, you have the choice of doing things as usual, and keep using TinyMCE. It is very clear though as Widgets, Shortcodes, Meta Boxes and Custom Fields are all considered as legacy items now, therefore sooner or later they will stop functioning, and also TinyMCE will be completely removed from WP, but my guess is that it will come back as a plugin somehow, if you choose to ignore Gutenberg is a viable choice for a year or two, or may be a little longer, but eventually the party will be over, and Gutenberg will be the way to go… time will tell.

    Please do not contact me regarding the Quicker Themes plugin until next week, and only after you get and evaluate the Las Vegas Theme in a few days. Feel free to bug me anything WP ThemeCity, Artisteer, or WP issues…


    WP Major
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    Thank Nick,
    is the change also included with the WP ThemeCity plugin, or only in the QT plugin related to gutenberg

    You ROCK!


    WP Colonel
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    Gutenberg Compatibility will be both, but the custom blocks which basically are the shortcodes translated to blocks (and in some cases improved) will be for the QT Plugin. Things are changing fast, that’s the reason of the delay, I should have things for you all in a few days…


    Freddy Manullang
    WP Private
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    Hi Nick,

    How about themecity updates ?


    WP Colonel
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    There will be ThemeCity updates when the WP 5.0 code finalizes. Yesterday WP 5.0 beta2 was released and these updates are a joke. The experience of WP 4.9.8 / Gut 4.1 is totally different from WP 5.9 beta 1. Beta 1 had many bugs and many codename changes, so I had to adjust my code accordingly. Some things, like the theme Options Meta Box did not work with beta1. Things got better with beta2, bit still not perfect.

    So, I will have to wait until the final days of the official release date before I proceed. Only then I will have an update and a free theme for you guys. The update will ensure Gutenberg compatibility, and maybe via the customizer, disable the customizer altogether, I have not made a decision of that for ThemeCity. The QT Plugin users, will get the Gutenberg kill switch, plus about 40 Gutenberg blocks.

    To be continued…

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