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    Philip Barrington
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    I was dealing with an issue for a client wanting to provide a fast response to limited information about 3500 products.

    I found this plug in, and on the surface I am generally pleased with the results. The page loads a little slowly, but I can understand that, however the response times on searches once there are lightning, like hard to believe it is online.

    If anyone is interested in the area.


    WP Colonel
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    I use TablePress, very fast, although the most records I had was about 500, you can sort the fields, search and it even has pagination.


    Philip Barrington
    Post count: 50

    I agree with you Nick. TablePress is cleaner over all. The back end is however ponderous once you have a large table imported (my case 3500 lines, 6 columns) however the front end is both schmick and fast.

    The only realistic way I can see to update the data will be to do it in excel and import it over the top, which the plugin allows.

    The nice thing about the Google Spreadsheet Viewer was there was no import requirement, just update the spreadsheet, job done. The let down of the module is that Firefox and MSEdge render the tables missing the last column, and I don’t see a realistic way to address this. I am sure it is going to be in the way those browsers deal with margins and padding. This is not a problem with TablePress.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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