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    WP Colonel
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    People are emailing me asking for the status od the next update (QTv1.2). Even though I had every intention to have it released last weekend, I decided to hold on to it for a few more weeks (2-3 weeks to be precise), to add and ensure that the new customized Page Builder I’m working with is working well, and determine and find solutions to the limitations and issues.

    In case you read the above paragraph too fast, let me repeat, the next update is going to have a new Customized Page Builder !!!

    By know, I’m sure there are a million questions I need to respond, so let me preemptively try to do so:

    – With a gazillion of available Page Builders, why bother with a new one, and waste everybody’s time, with extra delays?

    I ALMOST never try to reinvent the wheel in anything I do in my business life. I find what’s missing, undeserved solutions to problems, and fill those gaps, like trying to make the QT plugin, the only plugin in the world (as of date), in making Premium Themes, or the closest thing to it in an “automated” way. I’m not there yet, but getting closer and closer to that goal.

    So, what hole is this customized Page Builder is supposed to fill you may ask? Small in size, extremely FAST (the fastest page builder in the world in fact!!!), but powerful enough to accomplish the task on hand. Obviously with those goals, there will be some limitations. I’m not going for the best page builder, but the most efficient, the one that can be used on a shared hosting, have bunch of plugins, and Woocommerce, and still have respectful page load times. None of the more popular Page Builders can claim this. Most people use shared hosting, and if page load times are important to the site designers, those kind of users have to choose between limiting the number of plugins in order to use their favorite Page Builder. This will not be the case in our situation. Internal tests show that the page loads are not affected at all, orin some case they add a 0.01 Seconds to the page loads. That’s one hundredth of a second, or zero. Obviously these results will vary from server to server depending their setups.

    My testing environment is my localserver, using AMPPS, and changed the default php version from 5.x to phpv7. Phpv7 is about 0.03 seconds faster than previous versions, so if you have the chance, and all your plugins are compatible with it, you will experience some improved speed. These were my page load times on a sample site with a fresh WP installation and the only active plugin being the “Query Monitor”.

    With PHP 5.x installed:

    – Twenty Twelve: 0.22-0.25 seconds
    – Any QT built theme: 0.27-0.3 seconds.

    These numbers improved with PHP v.7:

    – Twenty Twelve: 0.20-0.22 seconds
    – Any QT built theme: 0.22-0.25 seconds.

    Those of you who also use AMPPS, and do not know howto change the PHP version, let me know, you are 2-3 clicks away in changing the php versions back and forth…

    Ok, let’s get into some more numbers and details what;s going on here:

    BEST PAGE BUILDERS (in my opinion) – I’m not going to rate my new one, I will leave that for others…

    1. Visual Composer – BY FAR
    2. SiteOrigin
    3. Divi
    4. WR Page Builder.

    P.S. Of course there are many others, but these are the ones I deal with. Also, the WR Page Builder has a new update that seems that it has fixed all the bugs it previously had, soit seems in the few minutes I played with it…

    Best performers (fastest Page Builders)

    1. QT Page Builder – 0-0.01 seconds (beat that if you can!!!)
    2. SiteOrigin 0.3 seconds
    3. Visual Composer – 0.4 seconds
    4. Divi – 0.5-0.6 seconds
    5. WR Page Builder 0.7-1.2 seconds.

    Without commenting on my new Page Builder, if speed was the most important thing, I would use SiteOrigin, but if I would be willing to sacrifice speed for features, especially when using shared hosting, I would use Visual Composer, provided I would be willing to spend some money for it as well. Divi and WR Page Builder would never be part of my decision, due to their speed times and feature limitations. These are my opinions, and not facts, so make your own decisions here…

    FILE SIZES (zipped) – the unzipped folder sizes get about 3 times bigger than their zipped formats:

    1. QT Page Builder: 60kb
    2. SiteOrigin: 544kb
    3. WR Page Builder: 2.05MB
    4. Visual Composer: 4.08MB
    4. Divi – Plugin: 4.75MB

    When/if they update the divi to have the latest features as the Divi theme, namely front end editing, I expect the files size to nearly double !!!

    – Ok, so if the new Site Builder is only 60kb, and it virtually adds ZERO strain on the server, meaning does not add any extra page load times, what does it have?

    The bare essentials:
    * A drag and drop way to create your rows and columns,
    * Page import/export functions in JSON formats
    * A place for a custom per page CSS settings,
    and that’s it…

    It has no modules, no widgets or anything else that is going to slow the site down. In the columns you can ONLY place a text box. The full TinyMCE editor is activated of course, so you can use our theme shortcodes, or any other shortcode plugins you have installed. All the shortcodes that Trevor and I have created, and with this new version we will get 3 more, and improved interface for the existing posts shortcode, that’s all we need. We can use the editors buttons as usual to set our full width sections, Call To Actions, Callouts, the whole nine yards! I can’t, and I doubt anyone can beat Visual Composer in terms of features, but I bet we will have the fastest and the most efficient Page Builder, thus filling the void for that need – FAST but EFFECTIVE and USEFUL enough Page Builder.

    – So, what is the catch, what is the REAL limitation?

    At least for the time being, it has the same limitation as the Divi builder, or the Beaver builder, among other similar plugins – it cannot break through content div. We can use our full-section shortcode for that no problem, but we cannot have the content like a Google map, text or a Video to go full width (screen wise). This is not an issue with Visual Composer, SiteOrigin, or WR Page Builder.

    Furthermore, the WP Canvas Shortcodes plugin that I use to break the content’s div, does not work well with any of the page builders. It’s also true for any of it’s shortcodes that uses JavaScript (jquery). For those kind of pages, you simply can’t use the page builder.

    Other than that, no other major limitations that I can think of. The responsive break-point for the columns will be the same with the theme columns, 900px. Remember, WPThemeCity theme’s break-point is at 480px, but I changed that in the QT plugin to 900px. In my opinion, it does not make sense for the break-point to be a small number when you have 3 or 4 columns and a small screen. Even with 2 columns, it looks wrong. In the future I’ll see if we can have a setting in the customizer to change this 900px break-point in real time. But for the time being, all breakpoints for columns are set to 900px, and that’s that!

    – How is the Page Builder going to be included?

    Initially I had it built right into the theme’s code, that it could have been activated or deactivated from the customize screen, like some of the other functions I already have. Unlike many third party themes like the Divi theme, for me it is very important to have a way to deactivate the built-in Page Builder, so you could install and use another page builder, like Visual Composer for example, if you wanted to. However, since my automated theme update system is not ready yet, I decided to distribute it as a plugin, through TGM, and revisit re introducing the page builder into the theme’s code if and when the automated update system is ready. This way, I won’t have to release a new version of the plugin every time I make changes to the Page Builder… When things get more baked, I will want to reintroduce the Page Builder into the code…

    In a few days, I will setup a demo site to show the Page Builder in action, and have a detailed log for all the other changes, bug fixes, and all the new features. Once again, this version started as a VERY minor bug bix, to make it compatible with PHP v7, and with time it blew up into another major update!

    If you have any comments or questions, this is your chance…


    WP Major
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    Cool!.. can not wait to try….
    BTW, Nick… On Page Builder, there is any element featured ? (ex: grid post, slogan… or other)

    Keep rocking Nick….
    You Rock!


    WP Major
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    Nick just request if posible….
    I not good in photoshop or any grafis design, if possible can i request some featerd like shorcode for Fancy Divider.. some of premium theme or page buidler element give fancy divider…. i give some screen shoot….

    Now I insert an image divider, it becomes easier if there shorcode with fancy display divider ….

    Thank you so much Nick… You make things more precious

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    WP Colonel
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    Hi su,

    The Page Builder does not have any elements… zero elements, zilch, nada!

    It only has a full blown TinyMC Editor, so instead of a traditional page builder element, or module, you can use shortcodes to use them as “elements”.

    I’ll have a demo very shortly. Trust me when I say that it’s very efficient and fast, and all the shortcodes that we have in our themes, along with any third party shortcodes come very handy, except the WP Canvas Shortcodes – which pisses me off!!!

    The main function of the page builder is to visually and with drag and drop to create and edit the rows and columns. It does not bother with the content, just how the content is laid out. And with our QT themes, we can handle the rest. Do you want to insert a widget? In QT themes, all widgets have a shortcode attached to them, use their corresponding shortcodes. Do you want to directly insert a block of php code? This upcoming version will allow the insertion of php in text widgets. Create a text widget in the “Theme Widget Shortcodes” area, so it won’t be assigned to a location, then use the widgets shortcode, to insert it in the page builder column…

    I have no plans for a fancy divider, as of now… but I’ll think about it next time around. Remind me later on again please… To be honest, there are many things I want to tackle before I can call it ready for prime time… automated updates, full height images, fixed menus, just to mention a few. The fixed menus is the most challenging one, since one piece of code will not do… depending on how the header and the menu is setup in Artisteer, each setup will require a different code. In the meantime I use 2 plugins to choose from to get this functionality.


    WP Major
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    Yeah loved it,
    I just aware that when create full page website (creative design) we need divider to make website more modern.

    Keep rocking Nick… Thank for all you hard work.


    WP Lieutenant
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    Hi Nick,
    Great!! I can not wait to be ready QT 1.2
    Thank’s for your job 😉


    WP Colonel
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    Thanks Marco,

    If you don’t mind, I will ask you and add su to this… to beta test the plugin just like last time around. I’m more interested if the date translation issue from last version is fixed now…

    I will have a video out in 2-3 days, and then finalize the beta version, and ready to get fully tested.


    WP Lieutenant
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    Nick certainly with pleasure, I am there.

    Aspect of your work. 😉


    Trevor Anderson
    WP Colonel
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    Nick, great job so far on making your version of the plugin unique!

    I think everyone is interested in how you’re implementing the page builder, specifically if you change to a theme without the page builder, does it break the content?


    WP Colonel
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    I swear I had posted a response yesterday…

    Anyway – thanks for your kind words Trevor. When you change themes, nothing is going to happen to the content, since the page builder is a plugin – for now. If you deactivate the plugin you will lose the layout (rows & columns), but still retain the content.

    Here is a video intro. about the plugin.

    P.S. The QT Page Builder is a rebranded and edited version of the page builder from David Chandra Purnama. I wanted to do the same with SiteOrigin, and strip everything from it, except the rows and columns, but I settled for this, as it is more or less what I wanted to accomplish anyway. The most noticeable change is the responsive breaking point for the columns – from 590px to 900px.


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