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    Marco needs one more day to complete his work… that gives me time to complete my assignments as well!

    su has some suggestions and here are my answers, which I will take care of them tomorrow (and there goes another Sunday – AGAIN – I can actually see Trevor laughing).

    For the most part the QTv1.22 plugin is ready to roll, and by the time is actually going to be released, it will be v1.23 – so 3 revisions since the first beta release.

    Besides the Page Builder, the new CSS per page/post system to replace what we on board is finalized today – finally after months of torturing me. What was the issue? I was looking at php, going through the php documentation, and the WP codex pages, and all along, the bug was in the jquery. Anyway, after almost 4 months of nightmare, today the QT CSS plugin is done, fast and bug free. This time around it will be installed via TGM, but just like the page builder, it will soon be part of the theme, and not a plugin.

    Maybe some of had noticed that the dashboard was taking about a second or two slower to load one every 12 hours (that’s when the RSS feeds get loaded and then cached for 12 hours), because the RSS feeds were coming from a shared hosting (SLOW). In this upcoming version the feeds will come directly from, so the dashboard will load lightning fast again.

    Besides all the new features and improvements to the plugin, I will be making a lot of changes to the TGM plugin lists, all 8 categories of them. I will post the changes here, and will be also available in your new dashboard news feed.

    Therefore, will these things that will have to happen in the perimeter of the plugin, and the time needed for Marco to complete his work, we are now looking at Monday night (Los Angeles time), for the emails to go out. I will have the list of all the changes to the plugin, and hopefully some more videos as well. If time permits, I’ll have a completed theme with the new code as well (v1.23).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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