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I’m by all means not a SEO specialist, but even a novice web designer should know that one page websites are horrible as far as SEO is concerned. If you have very little content that fits in one page, you are better off by dividing that content into different pages.

one4That said, we a have  a feature in our themes that we can decide which custom menu to display per page/post. Thus we can have the best of both worlds, a regular website, with blog posts, e-commerce, various other pages, and a page that will act like a one page web site.





Ok, lets start. To create a one page web site we need a few plugins.

1 – Page scroll to id

2- A sticky menu – I like Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on scroll

3 – Although we can manually set the section ids with div statements, it’s easier to use a page builder to do that. Visual Composer, WR Page Builder, etc… will do the trick. I will take the credit here for suggesting row id’s to the developer of SiteOrigin, and 2 days ago, he finally released the update with row ids added to the page builder. So SiteOrigin Page Builder, along with  Siteorigin Widgets Bundle.


After installing the 4 above plugins, configure them and create a custom menu for the one page website. Below I have the rest of the configuration screens, and finally a video demonstrating how to set things up.

one1  one2

one5 one3


You can see the video here:

And finally I have a demo site for this: It’s the third blog…


P.S.  I have to add that the videos made by Camtasia by default use 15 frames per second to have smaller files, that’s why animations and slider animations, videos, etc… seem choppy. In a live environment, things are always way smoother, as you can see from the demo site listed above.





2 comments on “Creating One Page Websites

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su on February 14, 2016 8:00 am

Yeah, thanks Nick.
I hope you can add more tutorial with SiteOrigin Page Builder, i look many add-ons now.

Video Backgrounds for SiteOrigin Page Builder

SO Page Builder Animate

Tabs Widget for Page Builder

SiteOrigin Widgets by CodeLights

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Nick on February 14, 2016 8:08 am

I am planning to have a post about page builders in the coming days.

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