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This is super cool – I promise ! Some of us prefer changing the default CSS art- prefix. That’s fine. Also some of us, write additional CSS rules in Artisteer to further customize some of the rules. We have a few places to write those custom rules in the export options panel, naming the “Additional CSS”, “WordPress”, “bbpress”, “Admin Page CSS”, and “Woocommerce”.

Make sure to always use the art- prefix for those custom rules, because when you instruct Artisteer to change the art- prefix, it will replace all references of this prefix ¬†with the new one. So, if you have many custom CSS rules, all having the default art- prefix, in the future, if you decide to change the prefix to something else, Artisteer will do this automatically for you with one click. If however if you don’t use the default art- prefix, and later on you might want to change the prefix to something else, you will have to go into all the CSS areas mentioned above, and manually change the prefixes one by one. It could lead to operator errors, not to mention it can be time consuming.

In the video demonstration, I have a random theme, adding a custom CSS rule to hide the header, using the default art- prefix for it. Then I instructed Artisteer to change the CSS prefixes to nick-, and looking at the exported CSS file, you will see that the art- prefix I had manually typed, was changed to nick- by Artisteer. How cool is that?

Here is the video…



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